Friday, May 15, 2015


You can't have a wedding without flowers, but you can have flowers without breaking the bank. Here are a few things to help the bride remember when she starts to get too carried away.

Buying flowers that have been forced in a greenhouse or flown in from warmer climates will wreak havoc on the budget. In season blooms will be much easier and cheaper to acquire. They also fit in with the theme of the wedding better. If you're having a fall wedding, stick with fall flowers to complete the look. In season blooms also tend to last longer then forced buds.

The dress is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, and the centerpiece of the whole day, seeing as the bridge is wearing it. When girls dream about their wedding, chances are they're mostly dreaming about the dress. So when the big day comes and the bridge has her perfect gown picked out, remind her not to cover it up with a bunch of flowers. Smaller bouquets in bright colors can really help set off the dress without competing with it. Not to mention, the bridge is going to be carrying to bouquet around for a lot of the day. A smaller arrangement is just more convenient.

If the flowers aren't ordered early enough, the florist may not have what the bride wants in stock. This could lead to substitutions, meaning the bride isn't getting the flowers she really wants and may even end up paying more for them depending on what is in stock. The other alternative in this scenario is rushing flowers in from a supplier. Chances are the flowers can still get done for the big day, but any florist is going to charge extra for a rush order. As wedding planner, it's your job to keep the bride organized. If she's forgotten to order her flowers, get her back on track before it is too late.

Many brides picture a forest of flowers for their wedding. Every square inch of available space has to be covered in blooms. Do your best to steer her away from that. If you've picked the right venue, a lot of decorations prove unnecessary. A beautiful outdoor wedding likely has lovely gardens surrounding it, making a lot of cut flowers redundant. Or a church wedding with a stunning sanctuary doesn't need a lot of doctoring up. Just a couple blooms to help things pop is all that's required.

The bride likely wants flowers for the ceremony and for the reception, but remind her that the two events do not take place simultaneously. Take flowers off aisles and use them as centerpieces and put the alter flowers on the head table. If the bride is worried about transporting everything, assure her that you will take care of all the details. That is, after all, your job.


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