Friday, May 15, 2015


Raja Ampat Tourism - Last Paradise on Earth
Raja Ampat - Ultimate Underwater Expedition

Raja Ampat is one of the underwater paradise that is very famous in Indonesia and around the World. Not one of the tourists choose Raja Ampat be heaven on earth, because here they will feel how the natural beauty of the real start of the beauty of nature, fauna and flora as well as the hospitality of its inhabitants have made Raja Ampat become a popular place tourists when visiting Indonesia.

Raja Ampat has an area of approximately 881 953 km 2 with a land area of only approximately 6084.50 km 2 and its residual 85% is oceans. Raja Ampat Islands District has more than 610 islands, with a total length of the coast line of more than 753 km. Of the 610 islands, there are 4 major islands famous, namely Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Batanta Island. 4 In addition to the island, only 35 islands in the Raja Ampat Islands are inhabited, the rest is uninhabited by humans. There are about 400 islands only in the Raja Ampat Islands-which has been explored, the rest is still not touched by humans at all. The most cool in Raja Ampat is a beach with white sand, the waves are humming, lush forests and pristine, blue sea with diverse flora and fauna is not behind a cluster of small islands which like emerald green sprinkles on his blue sea Raja Ampat.

Many activities can be carried out of the tourists who visit the Raja Ampat especially to enjoy a clean and natural sea Raja Ampat. Diving and diving is a favorite activity for tourists to enjoyparadise in Raja Ampat. Because Raja Ampat has underwater flora and fauna of the most complete in the world and in the top 10 as the best waters for snorkeling and diving in the world.

In addition to underwater tourism, Raja Ampat also has a very challenging waves for surfers.Misool island is a favorite of surfers, many tourists from various world come to feel the surf inheaven Raja Ampat. In addition, the sea and the wind blows the warm sunshine and natural beauty makes surfing becomes more enjoyable. In addition to 4 large island in Raja Ampat, is asmall island that should not be overlooked, no less astonishing including: Wayag Island, IslandArborek, Waiwo island, Gam Island, Karang Island, and others.


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